A Better Receiver I Didn’t Want To Have to Buy


For the past month or so we’ve noticed our home theater receiver was clicking a lot when we switched inputs.  I suspected there may be a short.  Finally the clicking reached maximum irritation.  So, I had to purchase a new one.  25 years ago I’d be cheering it’s death.  “Hurray, I can upgrade”.  But, age had diminished my desire to spend money this way.  I want my equipment to last good and long.  But, here I am.

I purchased the Sony 9 years ago.  It was the 4th piece of gear I had purchased for amplification.  I bought a Yamaha integrated amp in 1983.  Still have it.  My buddy is using it today and says it works great.  I have a late 80’s Yamaha Dolby Surround receiver in my bedroom.  Works great.  However, I haven’t turned it on in a decade.  In the basement I have a Yamaha Dolby Digital receiver I purchased in the mid-90’s and it’s still fantastic.  And back in 2001, I bought this Sony as it supported DTS and was less expensive.  Well, less money, lesser brand, less satisfaction.  So, I’ve gone back to Yamaha.

The Yamaha RX-V565 is a 7.1 receiver.  It has HDMI ports (4 in/1 out) and support for Dolby® TrueHD and DTS HD-Master Audio, new formats that you find on Bluray discs.  And it upscales DVD’s, regular HD programming and even regular TV programming up to 1080p.  So, now I send my Bluray and cable box output to the receiver and let it send the video to the television via HDMI.

Best though is how I was able to remove my older optical connections (from the cable box and the Blueray player).  Seems HDMI is a better transport for video and audio.

If you read my last post on my new networking gear, you’ll know I use Apple devices.  Just as before, I use the Apple Remote Base Station located by my Bluray player to provide Internet access to the player, to extend my network to wireless devices upstairs AND to provide AirTunes to my receiver.  What can I do?  Read below:

  • I have a Mac Mini in the basement attached to a 1TB drive with all my music.
  • I keep iTunes open on that Mac
  • I use my iPhone “Remote” application to “see” the iTunes library on the Mac Mini
  • The same Remote app allows me to play music located on the Mac Mini remote drive and route the music to speakers/receivers attached to Remote Base Stations.
  • I have 2 Remote Base Stations each by a receiver allowing me to simulcast music on 2 floors

OK, I only do this at Christmas and when other aren’t in the house.  But, it’s just fun to do every now and then.

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