Excited and Depressed


OK, these should be mutually exclusive.  But, in this case, they're not.  I went into the Apple Store at Northpoint mall today to get a technical question answered.  That took about 1 minute.  On the way out of the store, I stopped to look at the newest MacBook Pro 15".  The same model I bought just over 1 year ago is WAY better than mine.  It's the new single shell aluminum body (less flexing, high quality), 2.53 GHz processor, twice the ram to 4GB (faster too), 250GB of disk (more than my 200), the new LED screen, an SD card slot, 256MB shared VRAM (OK, mine is dedicated!), faster bus speed than mine (1066 vs my 800).  Here's the kicker, it's $1,699.  I paid $1,999 for mine.  The only thing I got that was better was the dedicated video memory.  If I wanted to pay the same today, I'd get a 2.66 GHz processor (mine is 2.4 at present), all the stuff above, 256 of dedicated VRAM with a faster video processor and a 320GB hard drive, And this machines is REALLY fast. 

OK, must make tons of money so I can get this and hand down this old clunker I have.  Just 1 hour ago I loved it.  Now, I feel cheated. 

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