Google Music


I’ve been testing Google Music for over a month.  Google Music is really different from other music services I use such as Pandora.  Pandora streams you music based on what you indicate you like.  It’s not your music.  You can just listen to it.  Google Music let’s you upload tracks you have and makes them available from a browser (and Internet connection.)  You don’t share your tracks with others, but merely make them available over the Internet.

At first, it drove me crazy.  I have amost 10,000 tracks in my libary and it took a few days for all of those files to upload.  My wife and son kept asking why our Internet connection at home seemed so slow (25Mbs.)  I think Comcast throttles your download/upload speeds if you heavily use your connection.  Once all my tracks were uploaded, I tested Google Music and it worked.  Now what!

Yesterday, I was at a friend’s house, partitioning the hard drive on his Mac and installing Windows 7 on the Windows partition.  Then I had an hour of so of fun installing all the Windows software he needed.  What to do while waiting?  I checked mail on Gmail, logged in to Twitter and as well into Facebook.  Yawn.  I then decided to login to Google Music.  There was my music.  And even better, the album I had downloaded from iTunes on Saturday was there.  The Google Music app running on my Mac Mini had seen the new tracks and uploaded them to my Google Music account.  I then clicked on the Album and listened.  Great!

If you’d like an invitation to Google Music, let me know at

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