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Seems like a banner from the redundancy department of redundancy!  Tennessee is a special place for hillbilly/bluegrass music in the east (thank you Dolly), country music in the middle and the blues in Memphis.  So, the title of this post isn’t calling for help in a musically impoverished area (because it’s so musically rich.)

Rena has learned that a number of people from her high school in Knoxville, Tennessee lost their homes in the Nashville flood.  They didn’t have flood insurance and thus are on their own for rebuilding.  They aren’t the only ones.  There was over $1 billion worth of damage just to residential properties.  But, they are ones we know about directly.  As such, a number of Rena’s hometown friends have put together a couple of relief concerts, just to raise a few dollars for these people.  They have secured donated food, T-shirts and the like and are auctioning these off to help a few affected folks who are facing a tough situation.  They are also using the concerts to drum up straight donations.  The hope is to help these folks get started on rebuilding their homes.

Here’s the link to the “Flood of Love” concerts.!/event.php?eid=120193804675794&ref=ts.  Also here:  Our son Chris is one of the performers.  He’s going to supply 30 minutes of songs and inspiration.  His largest audience so far has been 5,000 at Georgia Southern University.  We hope these are even larger.  Most important is to raise some funds to help someone we don’t know get back on their feet.  Chris was down in New Orleans tearing out moldy drywall in the 9th Ward in New Orleans after Katrina.  Now he’s playing to get people excited to help.  We just have to provide that help.

If you want to help, please keep an eye on the Facebook link above.  There should be a PayPal link soon.  Any amount would be most appreciated.

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