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Don’t we all miss the old days.  I do.  But there are times when I realize how wonderful things are today.  I’m currently in Sydney, NSW.  14 hours ahead of Eastern Time.  Monday for me.  Sunday for my family.  My son Chris was slated to play at a benefit concert in Knoxville, TN.  I really wanted to be there with Rena, Michael and of course, Chris.  But, I’m here.

Luckily, they were broadcasting the concert live over the Internet.  I loaded the stream in iTunes.  Here on my Mac, I loaded Audio Hijack.  And off I went.  I recorded Chris’ performance in AIFF format.  I then used iTunes to convert the files into MP3.  Sent those off to Chris.  I then pulled the MP3’s into Garageband.  Added art work (a picture of Chris playing his guitar.)  I exported the files into Quicktime format (.mov).  I then uploaded those to Facebook.  DONE.  I enjoyed the event live, recorded it.  Converted it.  Shared it.  I’m off and my family hasn’t even heard the recording yet.  All done live yet remote!

Here they here:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=391329480035#!/video/?id=552425035

We live in great times.

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